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Natura Consulting Solutions provides its clients with a variety of options to reach all of their product development and licencing goals in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Natura Consulting Solutions List of Services

Product Licence Applications

  • Development of Product Licence Applications – compendial, traditional, non-traditional and homeopathic formulations
  • Advice for meeting safety, efficacy and quality requirements
  • Site licence applications
  • Liason with government officials at every step of the licencing process

Product Development

  • Consulting re: formulations and new product development
  • Design of clinical trials
  • Search/review of scientific literature for health claim substantiation
  • Risk assessment: determination of contraindications/warnings; pharmacological and toxicological evaluation

Clinical Trials

  • Design of clinical trial protocols
  • Analyzing and writing clinical trial manuscripts and/or proprietary studies
  • Liason with scientists at universities qualified at conducting clinical trials


  • Natura Consulting Solutions offers a variety of scientific writing services (e.g., scientific summaries for patent applications; clinical trials; proprietary evidence summaries; designing effective presentations, etc.)
  • In addition, Natura Consulting Solutions offers advice on effective scientific knowledge translation to government, industry, and the public

Proven track record, scientific expertise, and innovative ideas for novel products—Natura Consulting Solutions has it all.

Why choose Natura Consulting Solutions?

  • Helping people realize their ideas and inventions
  • Paving the way for successful product development
  • Easing your path for selling your products in the Canadian marketplace
  • Taking care of all of your natural health product regulatory requirements so that you can focus on running your business
  • We handle all licencing requirements with Health Canada until clients are fully satisfied

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